About the Staff

Testing and evaluation is one of the most important part of materials utilization in various applications. Material specification, material characterization, material behaviour and its performance evaluation is the first step in any utility application. It is also important to qualify materials being supplied by various vendors. Material analysis and its certification is another important aspect required frequently by industry.
It is a responsible job which requires correct knowledge of the subject, knowledge of various materials standards and their right use in evaluation. Surface Engineering and Coating consultant is being initiated by experienced well educated and with enough experience with different industries and requirements. Myself has forty three years of experience in working in Atomic Energy and prestigious education institute Indian Institute of Technology Bombay as well working in several International Laboratories. After retirement from IIT Bombay, I decided to extend my services to Nation to help industry in creating a state of the art testing and evaluation facilities with consultancy and advisory component also.
The testing lab is located at Dream The Mall in Bhandup next to SSPC India office. It has all basic facilities of paint testing, paint performance evaluation, mechanical properties of coatings, weathering and chemical properties evaluation at reasonable cost. We are in the process of taking NABL accreditation soon. We have experienced staff like Dr. Shailesh Dhoke, who has eight years experience in testing and Evaluation at Charter Coatings, Calgary Canada and Raj Kumar who worked with me for 20 years at IIT Bombay.
I am looking forward to your support and cooperation to make this dream come true.

Rajkumar V. Kanajiya

2003 - 2018

Technical Incharge for Paints & Coating laboratory, Metallurgy Department, IIT Bombay, under Prof. A.S.Khanna

2017 - till date

Laboratory Incharge - Surface Engineering & Coating Consultant

Practical Experience in almost all paint characterization and evaluation of various tests, including chemical, mechanical and weathering.

  • Worked with all kind of paints and coating testing equipment's such as paints viscosity by Ford cup and Brookfield viscometer, Density, Volume solid, WFT, DFT and Mechanical tests : Cross hatch adhesion, Pull-off Adhesion , Taber Abrasion, Scratch resistance, Impact, Holiday Detector etc. Experience on using UTM machine to determine the tensile properties, Compressive Strength, Flexural Strength, Peel test, bond test tear & shear test of thin coating films. Cathodic Disbondment testing and its evaluation. Operated Salt spray testing equipment's, Humidity, QUV Accelerated Weathering tester, Xenon Arc.
  • Experience on working on shot blasting machine for surface preparation and measuring surface properties.
  • Special expertise on measuring the properties of Aluminum Composite Panels used for various Facade in buildings. .
  • Can operate Potentiostat, Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy for measuring Corrosion rate. Also worked on SCC, Multiphase dynamic loop etc.)
  • Gained enough experience working with and helped almost 50 students of Ph.D & M. Tech in their experimental works in the lab
  • Certified level 1 Course on Paint coating inspection & Quality Control from SSPC India.
  • Associated with SSPC India in the organization of Annual International Conferences, Technical Lecture programs and training programs.